Promotion of a safe and healthy community for our youth and future generations. 

Our goal is to reduce substance abuse and improve the overall health of our youth. We accomplish this by shaping environmental policies, education and mobilizing our community we reduce substance abuse and improve the overall health of our youth.

Hayward Coalition for Healthy Youth (HCHY) will be recognized as the leader in promoting positive community conditions that lead to our City being a safe and healthy environment for all youth to fully realize their educational, professional and personal potential. HCHY encompasses broad community collaboration, and sets the standard for actively providing opportunities for youth to lead, advocate for change, and promote positive outcomes

HCHY supports the following alcohol, tobacco, drug education and prevention services:
  Parent, youth, and community education 
    Community risk assessment 
    Media advocacy 
    Policy initiatives 
    Increased youth involvement 
•    Awarded a multi-year grant to reduce substance abuse among youth in Hayward 
 •    Advocated for stronger alcohol and tobacco polices in Hayward 
    Work in partnership with law enforcement to reduce the illegal sales of alcohol and tobacco to minors 

For more further information, please contact:

Thania Balcorta at tbalcorta@eyfconline.org

Office: 510-397-0795 or follow us on Facebook